Entrepreneur; Creativista Journey

Owner, Tia Miller had the pleasure to sit down and share her entrepreneurial journey with Innovation Destination Hartford. Take a look at the article. Click Link below.

Photo of Ms. Chrystal, Head Teacher at Little People’s Summer Playhouse – West Hartford


Teach Yourself!

On this snowy day off, I decided to work on the teen parties/activities part of the business! Sooo proud of myself! I TAUGHT myself how to make flyers! Such a great feeling of accomplishment! Now I can create the flyers for the teen events myself! Whoop Whoop!! It’s time consuming but so worth it!! ❤️💜💗 The Chinese proverb is soo right! Pay for the flyers, get one flyer each month! Teach yourself how to make flyers, you can make them for all events.. for FREE! #CreativistaCharm #Proud #Creative #ProductiveDay #GrowingMyBiz #HartfordTeenNights #KidEvents #KidBirthdayParties #TeenNights #ImACreativista

Trunk or Treat!

We’ve participated in the annual trunk-or-treat at my son’s school for the past seven years! Can you believe it! Since he was in pre-k3! For our last and final year at his elementary school , our theme was “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”!

Trunk-or-Treat is an alternative to trick-or-treating. Children go from each family’s car and trick-or-treat at each trunk. It’s a blast! 

Happy Halloween!

Summer DIYs – Part 2 â˜€ï¸

I’ve always wanted a farmhouse table, so I decided to DIY one! 

You can find great old pieces on Facebook Marketplace, at tag sales and at Restore. I bought this table for $30 bucks. I painted it, used wax finish and a little distressing with 100 grit sandpaper and you’ve got yourself a “farmhouse table”. Well it’s my version! Lol.. just need to purchase some chairs for the finish look! 

Loving my new hobby! I also found these stools on Marketplace. A little paint and it matches my table! #DIYer #AnnieSloanPaint #ImACreativista #NotAFashionista #ACreativista #SummerProjects #JustGettingAroundToPosting


Summer DIYs ☀️

I’ve always loved DIY projects, especially crafts!  But this summer I have fallen in love with PAINT, chalk paint to be exact.. Annie Sloane paint! What wonders this paint does!! I realized with a little paint something old becomes something NEW!! 

My son and I found this old locker on Facebook Marketplace and decided to use it in his bathroom remodel, well his “locker room”. With a little sanding and some paint it’s good as new! Tell me what you think of his bathroom transformation! Loving it!!! ❤️🏈🚿🛁

Old locker…



He’s an Ohio State Fan!!

Baby pic! 

Photos from his tour of the Ohio State University’s football stadium and photos of his visit to the Football Hall of Fame!
“Referee-themed” trash can!

Another Sports Season Has Ended ðŸ€

Another season has ended.. now on to the next sport for my son. Just arrived home from the Sports Awards Banquet at his school. What a great night!  I wear many hats; mom, teacher, entrepreneur… but tonight I was just “coach”. I love encouraging and helping children; not only in the classroom but also on the court; the sidelines for that matter! To culminate the season, I made spirit sticks for my squad and a DIY clipboard for my son’s basketball coach! We also added a basketball tumbler, small basketball water bottle, a Visa gift card and a card that all his teammates signed. Looking forward to the weather warming up over the next few weeks and enjoying spring outdoor sports again! Continue reading “Another Sports Season Has Ended ðŸ€”

“Slimy” Family Time

Greetings! Technology has taken over! Many students come home from school and the first thing they want to do is turn on their electronics! From iPads to iPods, iPhones, Xbox, PlayStation, you name it; my son included! So we started a rule (I try to call it a new tradition). Rules are so formal and kids tend to not want to conform to them. Our new tradition, after homework, is one hour of electronics followed by one hour of reading, crafting and/or just relaxing! Continue reading ““Slimy” Family Time”

Valentine’s Day deck of Cards!

It’s that time of year.. Valentine’s Day! ❤️Tomorrow is the day students across the United States hand out sweet-nothings to teachers and classmates. This evening my son and I worked on his valentine cards. With nut and other allergies, many schools have banned candy or treats; my son’s school being one of them. Instead of handing out cards which end up in the trash and often are a waste of money, we decided to do Valentine’s Day cards with a deck of cards! Take a look and let me know what you think! Just a sample of some of the creative crafts by Creativista Charm! Hope to see you this summer in one of our summer classes! Continue reading “Valentine’s Day deck of Cards!”

Snow Day Thoughts

heart-snowWhat better time than a snow day to think about… Summer! ☀️ It’s only five months away. Today I planned our spring break vacation trip to Ohio and thought about what activities my son wants to do this summer. Of course there is football camp and possibly a few trips to the beach.. It’s never to early to make plans and think about the Summer. I’m looking forward to preschool camp. It gives me a break from my middle schoolers. Now, I’m contemplating if I should shovel the snow now or wait until later.. And a thunder snow storm.. Interesting.. Never experienced that before. I’m so grateful for a day to rest and and enjoy family time. Thanks Mommy Nature! 🌩🌨Tomorrow is Friday.. Short week at work.. Just my snow day thoughts!