Teach Yourself!

On this snowy day off, I decided to work on the teen parties/activities part of the business! Sooo proud of myself! I TAUGHT myself how to make flyers! Such a great feeling of accomplishment! Now I can create the flyers for the teen events myself! Whoop Whoop!! It’s time consuming but so worth it!! ā¤ļøšŸ’œšŸ’— The Chinese proverb is soo right! Pay for the flyers, get one flyer each month! Teach yourself how to make flyers, you can make them for all events.. for FREE! #CreativistaCharm #Proud #Creative #ProductiveDay #GrowingMyBiz #HartfordTeenNights #KidEvents #KidBirthdayParties #TeenNights #ImACreativista

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