Valentine’s Day deck of Cards!

It’s that time of year.. Valentine’s Day! ❤️Tomorrow is the day students across the United States hand out sweet-nothings to teachers and classmates. This evening my son and I worked on his valentine cards. With nut and other allergies, many schools have banned candy or treats; my son’s school being one of them. Instead of handing out cards which end up in the trash and often are a waste of money, we decided to do Valentine’s Day cards with a deck of cards! Take a look and let me know what you think! Just a sample of some of the creative crafts by Creativista Charm! Hope to see you this summer in one of our summer classes!

Items Needed:

– Two decks of old cards; heart suit (Depending on the number of students in your child’s class. If you don’t have old cards lying around, the Dollar Store sells decks of cards for a $1 each).

– Scissors

– Glue

– Twine: I already had this in my craft box at home.

– Hole puncher

– Printer/Computer (for printing out sayings/name tags)

Sayings used – “You are my heart in a deck of cards!” “You are the queen of my heart!” “You are the ace of my heart!” “You are my friend of hearts!”

**I added key chains (for the boys) and earrings (for the girls) I found at Walmart for a $1. In all, I spent $15. So worth it as the items will most likely be used by his classmates and not thrown in the trash, like the small Valentine’s Day cards given out at school. Happy Valentine’s Day from Creativista Charm!! ❤️❤️

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