“Slimy” Family Time

Greetings! Technology has taken over! Many students come home from school and the first thing they want to do is turn on their electronics! From iPads to iPods, iPhones, Xbox, PlayStation, you name it; my son included! So we started a rule (I try to call it a new tradition). Rules are so formal and kids tend to not want to conform to them. Our new tradition, after homework, is one hour of electronics followed by one hour of reading, crafting and/or just relaxing! Continue reading ““Slimy” Family Time”

Valentine’s Day deck of Cards!

It’s that time of year.. Valentine’s Day! ❤️Tomorrow is the day students across the United States hand out sweet-nothings to teachers and classmates. This evening my son and I worked on his valentine cards. With nut and other allergies, many schools have banned candy or treats; my son’s school being one of them. Instead of handing out cards which end up in the trash and often are a waste of money, we decided to do Valentine’s Day cards with a deck of cards! Take a look and let me know what you think! Just a sample of some of the creative crafts by Creativista Charm! Hope to see you this summer in one of our summer classes! Continue reading “Valentine’s Day deck of Cards!”

Snow Day Thoughts

heart-snowWhat better time than a snow day to think about… Summer! ☀️ It’s only five months away. Today I planned our spring break vacation trip to Ohio and thought about what activities my son wants to do this summer. Of course there is football camp and possibly a few trips to the beach.. It’s never to early to make plans and think about the Summer. I’m looking forward to preschool camp. It gives me a break from my middle schoolers. Now, I’m contemplating if I should shovel the snow now or wait until later.. And a thunder snow storm.. Interesting.. Never experienced that before. I’m so grateful for a day to rest and and enjoy family time. Thanks Mommy Nature! 🌩🌨Tomorrow is Friday.. Short week at work.. Just my snow day thoughts!